Top applications to save money

Top applications, tools & websites to help you save money

Top applications, tools & websites to help you save money

During this crucial period, most of people really want to keep up with saving their money while some want to save theirs for a healthy beginning after all these is over. The issue here is that we can’t access the bank to create a savings account and most banks don’t give good interests the way these platforms do.

Yes I know how frustrating it is because a physical saving box is 50% tempting than an invisible one. Saving part of your money during this crucial time will really help you and your business to rise well after this Covid-19 pandemic. I have listed and explained a few applications & website that could help you save wisely with good interest in return.

It is also obvious that at this crucial time people want to uplift their saving but have some issues hindering them. Do you want to save your money but;

  • Don’t want to save on the bank terms
  • Can’t access the bank due to Covid-19
  • Want to also get an increase in cash
  • Don’t want to use a physical saving box
  • Don’t want to be tempted to use it
  • Don’t want the bank to get involved

I have a solution for you, where you can save your money and get through the following factors listed above.

Saving part of your money during this crucial period will really help your business and all other necessities that need to be attended too like; school fees, money for foodstuff, money for cloths, money for books and so many others.

These methods will help you save are listed below.

Try out a well know tool #piggyvest


– Introducing Investments – Investify
With as little as ₦1,000, you can now also truly invest on Piggy Vest in areas that really appeal to you, like agriculture, real-estate, transportation, even commercial papers, and earn as much as 100% return on your capital, depending on the investment type/project, investment duration, etc.
– Simpler & Better Savings
With over ₦1,000,000,000 securely saved in Piggy Vest every month alone, Piggy Vest users save funds that they would normally be tempted to spend recklessly.
With automated savings and the ability to save towards multiple goals, you are able to meet all your savings goals. With Piggy Vest, you earn competitive returns, better than your bank’s savings account.
Save automatically or on your terms- set daily, weekly, or monthly savings. You can also save as you go.
Set multiple savings target- saving for rent, a car, vacation, and a new laptop? With PiggyVest, you can do just that and more.
Save Securely – We use only the highest levels of Internet Security, secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption.
Transparent – Never worry about your interests. Monthly interest alerts show exactly how much you earned in interests and how the interest rate is calculated. Depending on the savings plan you choose, interest rates are from 10% to over 13% per annum on your savings.
NO deposit fees. NO monthly fees. Bank-level security.

Try out a good tool #F&K Savings

f&K savings

F&K savings is a Personal Digital Finance management platform that helps you plan your finances effectively and efficiently, while also helping you make better life decisions through consistent savings and Investment.
You can choose to save little amounts of money periodically (Daily, weekly and monthly) towards a specific financial goal or target (Rents, school fees, special events etc) or invest loose funds for a specified period of time and earn competitive interest while also avoiding the temptation to spend.
F&K savings takes away the temptation to spend excessively and the stress of saving. We combine simplicity, convenience; discipline and flexibility to enable you grow your savings and manage your finances with absolute ease and confidence so you can achieve financial freedom.

Try out a marvelous tool #PalmPay


PalmPay is the money app that rewards you! The simple and secure app for sending cash quickly between friends and paying for airtime, utilities and more in Nigeria. Earn PalmPoints as you spend and use them to discount your transactions!
Deposit funds to your wallet for free using your ATM card
Transfer money to other PalmPay wallets for free and bank accounts for just N10
Earn rewards for every transaction in the form of PalmPoints cashback. Earn 10% cashback for airtime top up and 5% for any bill payment.
Earn PalmPoints for inviting your friends: You get N100 and your friends get N150 in PalmPoints once they transact for the first time
Spend your PalmPoints to discount your transactions by up to 50%. You can also use them to offset your money transfer fees.
Earn PalmPoints for using PalmPay and for inviting your friends. You can redeem your PalmPoints to discount your airtime, bill payment and money transfer fees by up to 50%.
1 PalmPoint = 1 Naira
We keep your money protected using the most advanced technology and follow GDPR standards for data handling. We encrypt all of your data and do not share your information with 3rd parties

Try out a cool tool #Cowrywise


Cowrywise is a free digital personal finance app for savings and investment. Cowrywise helps you save and invest money easily. It allows you to automate your regular savings and investments while earning competitive returns better than your bank’s savings account. Welcome to the smart way to save and invest.
The Cowrywise App allows you to:
Save and invest for your future:
We help you automatically save and invest towards achieving your target goals.
You can save and invest as little as 100 Naira/day, week or month with our Periodic Plan.
You can use our Life Goals to save towards education, housing, vacation, retirement or your business.
You can save and invest your spare change by making one-time savings into any of your goals. You can Invest in a diversified safe portfolio of financial instruments including government bonds and treasury bills built by experts and recommended for you!
Invest in mutual funds from top investment firms in Nigeria.
Save on your own terms:
 Setup automatic savings and investment on your schedule or invest whenever you have cash.
Earn daily competitive returns:
 We give you better returns than your bank’s savings account. The longer you keep your money locked, the higher your interest rate.
Bring your financial goals to life
 Create life goals for the things you care about; family, education, vacation, home, and retirement. Cowrywise helps you to pursue your financial goals and achieve them easily!
Your savings and investments are secured
 Your savings and investments are held in custody by Meristem Trustees Limited, registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means your money is not only professionally managed but also secured.
Your data and card information is safe! We do not store your card information as we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor to handle all our customers’ card details.
Flexible withdrawals
 Cowrywise saving plans are locked for a minimum of 3 months. You can lock them for longer to earn better returns. After the maturity of your plan, you can withdraw from your savings or roll the plan over to enjoy compound interest.
Stay on top of your savings and investments
 Cowrywise transparently gives you full details of your savings and investments up to the last Naira and Kobo. This helps you stay on top of your saving and investment goals every day.

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