Simple Tricks In Sharing OBB Games And Files

Simple Tricks In Sharing OBB Games And Files

We all love to play games, each individual has a category of game he/she loves playing. It may be Action, Arcade, Adventure, Board, Card, Casino, Casual, Educational, Puzzle, Racing, Role playing, Sports, Simulation, Strategy, Trivia and Word. Most of these categories of games come with OBB, and you find it difficult to transfer/share such games with your friends. This post will enlighten you on that.

What is OBB?

Opaque binary blob (OBB) is used by some apps/games as I mentioned above to store additional information, which could not be stored in the main APk (FILE). It is usually larger than the main APK.

Why is OBB important?

Opaque binary blob (OBB) is important because it stores additional data and information which is vital to the main APK (file). Without the OBB your APK won’t function.

How to locate OBB files in your mobile device?

Maybe you must have downloaded a game with OBB files but you can’t locate it, these steps will accompany you on that.

  • Go to files on your mobile device
  • Click on internal memory/storage
  • Click on android
  • You will find an OBB folder, click on it
  • Search for your intended OBB

Now that you can locate your OBB let’s move on to sharing your OBB games/apps with others. It’s quite easy but has a lot of processes. Many of us think sending games/apps through Xender/any other sharing platform, all its additional file content are sent too. And after the transfer, it doesn’t work. What do you think is the issue? Yes! The OBB is not found, that’s right so the next obvious question will be how to make it work. These are the steps;


  • You have to choose which sharing platform you want to use. (I use Xender)
  • Open your Xender ( sharing app)
  • Click on the apps category
  • Send the APK to the other user

(I will be using dream league for this lesson so that you understand better).

  • Move to files on  your Xender ( sharing app)
  • Click on internal memory
  • Click on OBB
  • Locate the OBB of your Dream league (games) If you don’t know how the dream league/ game OBB looks like, you search for an OBB file name corresponding with your game/app.
  • Send the OBB to the other user

Move to the other device

  • On the other device, install the APK( dream league app)
  • Exit your Xender (sharing app)
  • Go to file on the device, locate the Xender folder which you sent the dream league OBB into. (it will either be in internal storage or SD card)
  • Cut the dream league OBB file from the Xender folder
  • Move to the internal storage, click on android folder and also click OBB folder
  • Paste the dream league OBB file in the OBB folder in the internal storage
  • Create a new folder in the OBB folder, leave it nameless
  • move out of the OBB folder and you would find a folder named DATA in the android folder
  • search for the dream league data folder ( because once the APK is installed it automatically creates a data in the DATA folder
  • copy the name of the data file in the data folder (com.firsttouchgames.dls3)
  • Go back to the OBB folder, on the new folder you created paste the name you copied.
  • Cut the dream league OBB file you pasted in the OBB folder and paste it inside the new folder you just created and renamed.
  • Reboot your mobile device
  • Your game should be working fine.

This is how to share your OBB games to your friends& loved ones. If there is any additional problem state it below in the comment box.

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