Easy ways to solve fingerprint issues

Easy ways to solve fingerprint issues

A lot of mobile phones today come with an in-built fingerprint, for security and identification of the owner. You must have come across such devices right?

Well most fingerprints are different because they are built by different mobile producing companies like; Iphone, Nokia, Samsung, Gionee, Infinix, Techno, Hawaewi, fero, Itel and so many others. For instance the placement of your fingers on the print spot of Itel may differ in the way it is placed on an Iphone or Samsung. What am trying to explain to you is that some mobiles do not have the capability to recognize a registered finger if placed in a different position to which it was registered.

Well most mobile phones do not bring up a later issue with fingerprint whereby most of them do. Mobile fingerprint issues can also occur due to mistakes by the user and those mistakes are what we are going to look into.

Some issues on mobile fingerprint

  • Unknown fingerprint registration.
  • Smart unlock/lock
  • Too many attempts
  • Fingerprint not recognized

How to fix these above problems

  • Unknown fingerprint registration


If there is an unknown finger registered on your mobile print registration device or you’ve tried to unlock your device and your print is not found also, no need for panic, it may be that your first finger was not registered in a suitable position for the device so during the course of a change in positional error or someone intentionally registered his/her fingerprint  on your mobile device without your knowledge.


If any of the above occurs and you want to remove the unknown fingerprints its quie easy to do tht.

  • Knowing that you still access your mobile phone either in the earlier registration for security purposes.
  • Open your mobile device
  • Located security and open
  • Search for device security
  • Locate fingerprint and finger print manager
  • Type in your device password
  • Tap on any registered print you want to delete
  • Unknown fingerprint gone

Smart unlock/lock

It is a category in the security section, it comprises of

  • On-body detection
  • Trusted places
  • Face unlock/trusted face

It is basically a smarter way to lock/unlock your mobile device.


If you don’t know what this does, get ready. Well it is not a bad option but it is quite frustrating especially when you don’t have a clue about its functions and capabilities, I was basically a victim of it and I swore never to go towards that area again.

But that’s not the best way to handle that issue. if you set your mobile device on smart unlock “on-body detection” your device will never lock automatically when close to your body, Leaving you with the only option of manually locking your device.

Your obvious question will be “why”? it is simple, on body detection means that you have authorized your mobile device to remain unlocked automatically around your body.

Another question will be how does this affect my finger print? Yes it does affect it because if your phone does not lock automatically it remains open when swiped but if you force a lock manually then you can unlock it via fingerprint.


It is simple to resolve the issue, what you just have to do is locate your smart lock in your mobile device and switch on-body detection “off” or any other smart lock features.

Too Many Attempts


Well I know you’ve come across this on a regular basis. This simply means unauthorized fingers tried to unlock the mobile device and exceeded the trial time. The default error message is Too Many Attempts.


During this error, there is additional information which says try again after 30 seconds, so after 30 seconds you can unlock the device.

Fingerprint Not Recognized


This occurs when an unauthorized finger is trying to unlock a device his/her finger is not recognized on.


Keep your mobile device away from unauthorized finger holders to prevent lockdown for 30 seconds.

Most of your mobile devices with finger prints do come across these issues and am hoping after reading this post there will be no issues anymore if not drop a comment below.

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