Avoiding online distractions

Avoiding online distractions

Online distractions occur to everyone who uses the internet. The world is so digital making it so easy to access the internet. Lots of people are addicted to internet, social media and other internet related stuffs.

Online distractions comes in different mediums that uses internet, it can come through your mobile phone, laptop, iPod and many others.

What is online distraction?

Online distraction it that which draws your attention from the primary/basic reason that led you to a site, platform, online store, blog, page and so on.

Online distractions can be in many forms, they can be in form of Pop up information, ads (advertisements), links, images & videos.

A lot of sites/online platforms possess most of these features, but not with the sole aim of distracting you or diverting your attention.

Pop up information’s

Information like cookies, certifications and unwanted registration page pops up automatically in various sites and platforms, to let you know of information’s, subscription and other stuffs they own and would like you to take a look at.

Ads (advertisements)

Online Platforms/Stores/Websites/Blogs possess this attribute. Well most of these sites earn money through advertisements on their platforms; they make money if they advertise on their sites. Advertising Networks like; Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate market, Popcash, adesterra, smartweb, media.net, clicksor, infolinks and bidvertiser pay the sites for advertising on their platform. It is interesting right?


Online platforms/stores/websites/blog possess this too, links are also a form of advertising and earning money. You may be wondering how, but it is easy you just have to sign and get your special link for a particular advert you want to advertise on your site and get paid for visitors clicking. Shareasale and viglinks takes a huge part in this type of advertising and pay users.

Images and videos

 Advertising networks display images and videos adverts on those site they pay for advertising. Many advertising networks do not show adult contents on advertising sites, you can come across movies, advertising videos for a particular product, and images all for advertising purposes.

Now you know why there are online distractions and why it may be difficult not to come across one or two of them. So let’s move over to how we can avoid most of these online distractions.

Avoiding online distractions is based on your mindset and maturity, because what you do and what you do not do when you come across these online distractions are based on your on those two (2) factors (mind set and maturity).

Not to divert your attention but it is also important to let you know that most of these popup advert, information, links images and videos come with the purpose of making you aware of either latest happenings, vitals information’s and things you make like but if you are not interested I advise not clicking on them.

Having the right mindset and being matured is not really a hard thing to accomplish, you have to be determined if you want to overcome online distractions. (Focused and serious) For instance you want to know how to avoid online distractions, you search on Google and you were directed to this site and a pop up information is shown, if you read it and it is not important you cancel and focus on what brought you to that site. If it’s a video/image/link you skip it and move to what led you to the site and you are done you can go check it out.

With all these you should know that avoiding online distractions is based on your maturity and you being able to focus on your reason for being online and skip all other unnecessary information’s/advert/links/images and videos.

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