overloaded national teams

7 National teams OVERLOADED in one position

7 National teams OVERLOADED in one position

When a club side inevitable becomes overloaded in a specific position be it center backs (CB) and has very little firepower at front, it is only natural for them to offload the third (3rd) or fourth (4th) choice central defender and strengthen the attacking areas in the transfer market.

National teams have no such luxury However, within the wired and wonderful world of international football you have a whole lot of players that make way as youngsters break into the game. This may seem particularly unfortunate for some of the smaller nations such as “slovenier” whose two best players for a number of years were goal keepers “sam handanovic” and “Yan oblak” before Handanovic retired from international football. It it’s a similar story at left back for Scotland with the case “Andy Robertson” and “Kieran teenay” Scotland’s two finest players and left backs to be precise.

Here are the seven national teams that are overloaded in just one position

France: Right wing

You could make a case for France being over powered in almost all position with strength and gap available for the current world champions. One position which France is overloaded is in the right wing, here are player that are battling for that position.

Kylian Mbappe: 2018 French footballer of the year

Usman Dembele

Kingsley coman

Marsey stack floirentovan

All compete for just that right wing in the front squad, it is true that “Mbappe” can also play as a center forward, while the other three can also play at the left flank and floirentovan can also play through the middle. With the debate with four exceptional players, For “Mbappe” right wing is the preferred role of all football. In terms of caps despite being the youngest of all quartets, it is “Mbappe” who comes out on top. The PSG star has already won 34 cups for  “ledblod” Dembele and Coman are both in 21 and floirentovan only 10. Coman has spent 19 months out of the French squad following numerous injuries and struggles, he has returned in 2019 to score 3 goals from 6 (six) cup matches. More recently it has been dembele that has been shunned with his most greasing cup goals which has come more than a year ago. Floirentovan has been a regular pick for the France coach squad but not in the starting eleven, the masille star has won 3 cups in 2019 along with Mbappe and Dembele he was part of the French squad that won the world cup in Russia.

Spain: Central Midfield

It no new news that Spain has produced the world best central and attacking midfield players in world football, the likes of Inesta, Xavi and David Silva for the 3 time European champions but still Spain has a lot of quality. Spain have such extra ordinary depths in midfield that cannot be ignored this includes likes of;

Sergio Busquet, Santi Carzola, Thiago alcantara, Saul, Rodiri and Fabian. With recent inclusions I can add Danny Cebelos, Danny perieho, Sergio Roberto and Isco. I haven’t even talked about Illaremendi, Ander Herera, koke and to tell how richly embarrassed Spain are in central midfielders is that with the fact that there are more not yet mentioned like atlethico madrid’s Marco Ilorente, regularly Spanish league player Danny Gracia and Valencia favorite Carlos are yet to win even a single cup for the Spanish national team.

Brazil: Left back

Brazil is the nation that really brought attack manner of fullbacks to world football in the late 1950’s and it took most of the Farley amount of time to adapt. They have been shunning a lot of left backs in their team with the finest left backs in the world coming from Brazil.

Marcelo is the outstanding candidate even from an impressive bench as the best left back of his generation. The real Madrid star has made the fif pro world eleven six times and won 58 cups for Brazil since he made his debut in 2006.

Alexandro one could make a good case for the Juventus left back being able to take the place of Marcelo for quite some time he has played quite some matches for Brazil as a left back than any other player in 2019.

Alex tallas he has been sensational for FC Porto but has only won 1 cup for Brazil at the age of 26.

Smiley the sharktadones left back who was called a good player in March 2018 who had interest in representing Ukraine but didn’t manage to get on the pitch.

Filipe Luis has been a terrific left back for more than a decade and he has wrapped up 44 cups for Brazil, he may be 33 years+ but he still has a grip and he is the exclamation point brazil has on left back.

France: Center Forward

France is the only national team to feature twice in a seven and in truth it could have been more, form center back to center forward they has more than enough quality players in those positions.

Oliver Giroud being the coaches best choice through the middle in the world cup despite Giroud failing to score a single goal.

Kylian Mbappe I talked about him at the ring wing for France and here again at the Center Forward.

Antonio Griezman one of France’s star man who made his debut in 2016 and 2018 world cup

Kariem Benzema this man is one of the finest forwards of his generation, despite being shunned by the France coach since 2018.

Alexander Lacazette has not won a cup since 2017

Anthony Martial has made just 3 appearances for his country in the last 3 years

Germany: Goalkeeper

Germany’s goal keeping option has to feature in the seven with the coach having 2 of the best goalkeepers in the world at his disposal.

Emmanuel Nuer he has a hold of the number one shirt despite Testergen heroics

Testergen the four (4) time Spanish champion has won majority of his 24 cup while Nuer has been out injured

They are the outstanding goalkeepers in the last Ten (10) years and now the finest in the world


England: Right Back

England seems to find themselves in a very toxic position having too much quality in one position with players like;

Chlem Johnson

Kyle walker: having won 14 cups till date, he processes strength, pace and is seen as favourite for the position

Trent Alexandra-Arnold: Best crosser with the ball but need to improve defensively.

Karien tripper: a good ball crosser too, a good set piece taker but has work to do with his defensive game.

Aron Wan-Bisaka: Possessively he is no treat but defensive he is good in times of defending dangerous crosses and counter attacks.

Other good right backs include

Callon chambers


Lux trend

Argentina: Centre Forward

Argentina has long been an absolute top heavy team with Nicholas otamendi as their solid center back.

Their team suffers a center forward issues with choosing who would lead the attack with center forward like

Gunzalo Huguain

Lionel Messi: Argentina most power attacking player and lord of world football today, he can play wide on the right or a free role central but he still has to be considered as an option through the  middle.

Sergio Aguero: he is indoubtly one of the finest strikers of his generation an has won 97 cups for Argentina despite intense competition.

Mario Icardi: he has won only 8 cups for argentina

Lautero Martinez: He replaced Mario Icardi at PSG, he scored 13 goals in 19 games this season and has already won 17 cups for Argentina

Paulo Dybala:

Gylobialo simione:

Dario Bernadeto:

Lucas Barta:

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